Show Chrome - Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Set - 998 Spyder Models

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Show Chrome

Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Set

M14x1.5 / M12x1.5


2008-2016 GS/RS/RS-S/ST (998 Models)

2010-2013 RT (998 Models)

Will Not Fit:

Any 1330 Spyder Models

Any Ryker Models

From The BajaRon Team:

We love these Drain Plugs! As a company, we pride ourselves on only selling products that we have tested on our own bikes, that we can answer any question on, can fully back, and an added bonus is excellence over OEM. These Drain Plugs check those boxes! If you find it necessary to replace one drain plug, we highly suggest you replace both - that's why we choose to only sell these Show Chrome Drain Plugs in the set that you will need to complete your oil change in the best way possible! 

Manufacturers Description:

The best way to prolong life, is to identify an issue before it is a problem. That is exactly what Magnetic Drain Plugs can do for your engine. Magnets attract and hold ferrous metal particles that are floating around in your engine. So at fluid / oil change time you can inspect the plug for ferrous metals in your oil. Having ferrous metal on the magnet can be an indicator of an impending problem of cams, rings, rods or shafts that may need servicing. In most cases an oil analysis can tell you what type of metal and what it is from, pointing you in the correct direction. Available in 2 sizes that are used on literally hundreds of power sport models.