Shock Adjuster Kit for 2013 RT Can-Am Spyder (NO Compressor Tool)

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  • SKU BR-220R

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Our BAJARON Custom Performance Shock Adjusters allow you to maintain your original ride height regardless of loading, while at the same time improving stability during braking and when making turns. Handling will improve, while maintaining proper front end alignment, less lean and dive, virtually eliminating ground strikes due to low ride height, and an overall more enjoyable ride.

Most Spyder models come with an adjustable rear shock. But nothing for the front.

The OEM front shocks are acceptable hydraulically on the 2014+ RT models. But they lack the all important shock spring pre-load adjustability that comes on every aftermarket shock, and all Spyder model shocks produced before 2013. This is very important because it is the springs which hold up your Spyder, not the shocks.

These threaded adjusters will let you compensate for loading and give you a better, more controlled ride. They work very well with the Sway Bar upgrade as the Shocks, Shock Springs, and Sway Bar all work together to give you the excellent handling and smooth ride that you're looking for.

Front end alignment is set with your Spyder at a certain right height. When loaded you can lose up to 2 inches in ride height with the stock, non-adjustable front shocks. This not only robs you of precious ground clearance making it much easier to hit the front end on speed bumps, driveway entrance/exit, etc., but compromises your alignment, which can cause degraded handling and tire wear issues.

You may also find that your Spyder will dive and lean more than you like in corners. Especially when braking. 

With these threaded shock adjusters you can easily increase shock spring pre-load when loaded, giving added stability and maintaining original ride height. And back them off when riding 1 up and unloaded. Giving you a nice, controlled ride in both conditions.