Will a BajaRon Sway bar void the warranty on my new Spyder?

Will a BajaRon Sway bar void the warranty on my new Spyder?

Will Installing a BajaRon Swaybar Affect My Spyder's Warranty?

The short answer is, no, it will not. The installation of a BajaRon Sway bar on your Can-Am Spyder will not void the warranty.

Section 1: Assurance of Warranty Preservation

With over 14 years in production and widespread use, including dealership installations on demo and new Spyders, there has never been a warranty challenge due to the installation of these kits.

Section 2: Dealership Practices and Customer Confidence

Dealership Endorsement: BajaRon Sway bar's Impact on Sales and Customer Satisfaction Many dealerships endorse the BajaRon Sway bar, installing it on demo models and new Spyders at customer request, citing increased sales and improved performance.

Section 3: Demystifying Warranty Myths

Clarifying Misconceptions: Warranties and Aftermarket Parts There is considerable confusion about what actions or modifications can void a warranty. Misinformation from dealerships and manufacturers contributes to this uncertainty. It's important to understand that using alternative quality products, like different oil brands, does not automatically void a warranty.

Section 4: Legal Obligations and Consumer Rights

Manufacturer's Responsibility: Legalities of Warranty Claims Manufacturers are legally required to honor warranties unless they can prove that an aftermarket product directly caused a failure. Using products that meet or exceed manufacturer recommendations should not jeopardize warranty coverage.

Section 5: Specifics of Warranty Coverage

Impact of Aftermarket Products on Warranty: What You Need to Know If a non-recommended product is used and causes damage, it may affect the warranty coverage for that specific component of the Spyder. However, it does not void the entire warranty, ensuring protection for other parts of the vehicle.