BajaRon explains Octane rating needed for Can-Am Spyder trikes

How 87 Octane Fuel Affects the Performance of Can-Am Spyder and Ryker Trikes

Choosing the right octane fuel is crucial for the performance and longevity of Can-Am Spyder and Ryker trikes. These high-performance vehicles require specific octane ratings to prevent engine knocking and maximize efficiency, especially under high load or temperature. This article is written to help you make an informed fuel selection.

Optimal Fuel for Can-Am Trikes: 87 vs 93 Octane

BRP recommends 93 octane for the Spyder and Ryker for 'Optimum Performance'. It's always amused me a bit that this is a subject for debate. Because it is a matter of physics. Like whether the earth is round or flat. Though there are some who will debate this as well. The universal answer, of course, is 'YES!" Using less than optimum fuel octane is going to give you less than optimal performance.

Field Test Results: Improved Mileage with Premium Fuel in Can-Am Spyder

I did extensive testing (about 5,000 miles on a trip from East Tennessee to California and return. Well over 30 tanks of fuel) with my 998 GS. Most of it was high speed, freeway miles. I found that I consistently got 2~4 mpg better with premium fuel than with either regular or mid-grade (I was not able to detect any appreciable difference between regular and midgrade).

Impact of Octane Levels on Can-Am Spyder Performance: Altitude, Temperature, and Load Factors

A discussion about when, under what circumstances, and how much of a difference octane levels on Can-Am's Ryker and Spyders' make is a more reasonable debate, specifically focusing on specific scenarios where fuel choice significantly influences performance. Factors like altitude, ambient temperature, and engine load are crucial in determining how much difference a higher octane fuel makes. In conditions such as low altitudes, hot days, or when the engine is under considerable load, opting for a higher octane fuel in these performance trikes can markedly enhance their efficiency and overall driving experience.

Understanding Octane Tolerance in Can-Am Spyder: Safety and Performance Implications

This being said, your Spyder will run fine, forever, on 87 octane (86 over 5,000 feet.) Running high octane fuel at high altitudes will actually reduce power potential. It used to be detrimental to run the wrong octane. Sometimes fatally detrimental if the octane was too low. Today, computers have virtually eliminated this danger by being able to detune the ignition process on the fly. This reduces combustion chamber temps and avoids 'Pre-Ignition' and 'Detonation' of low octane fuel. Both very destructive events. It is the amount of detuning the computer must do to compensate for low octane that varies and gives differing results in power and fuel mileage reduction.

BajaRon's Choice in Octane for his Spyder

I am all for running 87 octane ethanol fuel in your Spyder if that's what you want to do. But whether or not you notice, it does make a difference.